Connecting & Supporting Palaeoscience Researchers from Developing Countries

This a new initiative that seeks to develop community, representation and resources for Developing Country Researchers (DCRs) from all disciplines of the Quaternary palaeosciences.

Inherently global, the palaeosciences encompass all aspects of past climate change, ecology and environmental and human evolution. However, economic inequalities can result in researchers from developing countries lacking the infrastructure necessary to learn the skills and access the support required to develop their own research or participate in international projects.

The Palaeo-DCN seeks to address three key aspects:

  1. Develop a community network for the communication of ideas, news and events and the exchange of ideas and experiences for DCRs from around the world.
  2. Create an organization to raise the visibility and representation of DCRs, including a means to communicate needs and perspectives specific to their community to funding bodies, event organisers and other international networks.
  3. Provide a platform for resources such as online educational content and research tools that can be used to supplement local and regional capacity and training opportunities.

The Palaeo-DCN is intended to be maximally inclusive, seeking participation from researchers in all developing countries. For the purposes of the Palaeo-DCN, this includes all countries that are defined by the World Bank as being low to upper-middle income countries. Researchers from each of the countries in these categories have their own unique challenges and experiences, and this definition is used in order for each to be included and given voice in this network.

As a new initiative, we are in the process of developing the Palaeo-DCN community. There is no cost or obligation associated with joining the Palaeo-DCN.

*Your details will only be used for communicative purposes and will not be shared with other parties. By submitting this form, you give the Palaeo DCN consent to use the information provided to send you information on our activities.